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Welcome to R. Vrahimis & Associates LLC
Our law firm started out as a family owned law firm with roots back to 1962.  Initially it was a family partnership and has now evolved into a Company of third generation lawyers and associates offering Legal and Corporate services.

All our lawyers are members of the Cyprus Bar Association and are chosen to be mainly educated in the U.K. which is a jurisdiction that closely resembles the Cypriot legal system.

We practice general law and arbitration and are able to offer a wide variety of litigation services including international and cross border litigation and advice on European Union Law.  With our long lasting presence in Cyprus we have also developed an excellent litigation, advocacy, mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution team.  We are practicing all areas of law and offer legal services and advice in general law.

Our corporate management group has developed from a simple In-house corporate service provider to a diversified consultancy firm in a matter of years.  To business and corporate clients we offer advice on company, estate, asset, investment, fund, trust, foundation, and portfolio management and corporate finance.  To supplement these we offer tax and real estate services coupled with corporate, domiciliary, nominee, trustee, fiduciary, legalisation and authentication or documents, translation and administration services.  We can also assist nationals who wish to buy property and obtain Citizenship/Permanent Residence in Cyprus which is a status that may prove important for conducting business transactions and travelling in the European Union.

Our corporate management group was initially conceived as a means to bring a number of consultancy activities in-house.  Instead it has grown to be an independent world class firm offering access to the finest specialist consultancy services through its own network and through a network of specialised partners.  It operates by leveraging the skills of its employees and also the reach and influence of its diverse related group Companies. Where we cannot directly offer a solution it is able to tap into its network and rapidly source one.
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